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Bass day!

May 9, 2013

So this past week we were in the studio to record bass with my wonderfully talented friend Ryan Jacobson! We worked on 9 of the 10 songs, and as always Ryan did a fantastic job and did not disappoint. Ryan also recorded the acoustic guitar on the album, he is such an amazing versatile musician.

It was such a gorgeous summer day in Edmonton the day we were in the studio. A bit of a shame being inside instead of out in the sunshine enjoying the weather but being in the studio is definitely the next best thing! We made sure to take a few breaks and get our vitamin d fix!

Next up will be the auxiliary instruments now that we have the foundational guitar, drums and bass recorded. Jered and I sat down to brainstorm about what we want on each track, and a recurring theme was steel guitar. Of all the musicians I know in town, I do not know a steel guitar player. So I asked my friend Troy Kokol (super songwriter and country music world maven) if he had anyone to recommend. He gave me a few names, and I ended up contacting Scotty Sanders. I told Scotty about the type of stylistic steel Jered and I had in mind and he’s going to be able to help us, and most excitingly, with a wrather quick turn around. My grant deadline of July 31st is hanging over my head a little bit these days!

The night before our studio day I had my first gig since Asher was born. I opened up for Karla Adolphe at the Haven Social Club. I wasn’t too sure what the turnout would be like since I haven’t had a show since November, but all my lovely friends showed up and it was a great crowd.

Not sure if anyone has heard of theĀ interestingĀ vocal issues a woman can have after having a baby, but I’ve been learning that it’s almost like going through puberty again! The hormones, the stretched out diaphragm and the exhaustion from lack of sleep makes for a fun time for sure. I’ve been fighting not being able to control my voice, and a lot of vocal cracking. However, miraculously that night at the Haven I felt like I had decent control and was happy with my overall performance. Plus, it was just a blast getting to share my songs with people again! Sang a few of the new songs off this new album and had some great feedback.

A pic & little video from the show:


Until next time,

Lisa xo