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September 10, 2008

this scar

I’ve been wanting to write a song about my journey through life with scoliosis (curvature of the spine) for so long. After watching so ... [ more » ]

September 4, 2008

rough couple of weeks

So I can’t quite help but wonder if there is a jinx on me these past couple of weeks. A few weeks ago it ... [ more » ]

August 29, 2008

up and down

it has been a weird day. the day started off with a feeling of accomplishment and elation, because after months of pouring my heart ... [ more » ]

August 14, 2008

signed, your broken heart

*this is a song i recently wrote with my friend casadie jo pederson i’m gonna put pen to paper sit down and write a ... [ more » ]

July 14, 2008

your truth

you lift me up you fill my cup until i overflow among the crowds i cry out loud that i need you so [ more » ]

July 14, 2008

lay my life down

when the wrong in the world is weighing on me and i feel too small to do anything i just lay my life down ... [ more » ]