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July 7, 2008

prairie belle

*i’ve had this song churning around in my mind for a while now, and finally finished it last week and then put chords to ... [ more » ]

June 25, 2008

EP release

This last month or so has been insane, hence the reason my blog has been somewhat neglected. A few months ago I decided that ... [ more » ]

June 25, 2008


you’re not always what you seem with that insincere smile there on your lips you’re always so quick to blame and you’re never too ... [ more » ]

May 26, 2008

ladies, cali & potted plants

Since the last time I wrote in my blog, I have been to a women’s conference in Surrey, B.C. with my mum, sister, niece, ... [ more » ]

April 17, 2008


If I had a genie, and three wishes… right now they would be: That I could spend a few months straight JUST recording my ... [ more » ]

April 16, 2008


it’s much harder to be patient and i’m trying to be kind when i’ve got this sense of envy taking up my piece of ... [ more » ]