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February 22, 2018

Times Get Tough

The last couple of years have been especially difficult for Jered and I. We have had some major upheaval in our personal lives, church ... [ more » ]

September 26, 2017

Recent shows!

As some of you know, I own and operate a catering company with my husband Jered. May – September is our busiest season with ... [ more » ]

April 11, 2017

Late Night Jams…

A little late night jam with Ryan and Jered on one of my newer songs called “Sacred.” Figured we may as well take a ... [ more » ]

January 30, 2017

Mama Bird

When I was pregnant with my first child (who ended up to be a son – Asher who just turned four last week), I ... [ more » ]

July 28, 2016

:: SACRED ::

This is my fourth and final installment in the Songwriter’s Association of Canada’s 4×4 Songwriting & Blogging Challenge. What an incredible time I’ve had! ... [ more » ]

July 20, 2016

Your Heart is My Bullseye

When I got the email with the Songwriter’s Association of Canada’s Songwriting & Blogging Week #3 Challenge – to collaborate with another writer participating ... [ more » ]