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Crazy things happen…

April 21, 2015

When I was just about eight months pregnant with Asher I got a call from Rawlco Radio letting me know they would like to receive an application for funding from me in regards to their 10K20 program (20 grants of $10,000 given to local artists annually). I had applied to the program over 3 years earlier for a project I ended up funding independently. What strange timing I thought..

I had a week to put together an application and to brainstorm a whole new recording project really. Which was amazing of course (I had applied for grants for nearly 10 years without any luck), but also a little intense and exhausting with Christmas (Catering Christmas party season), my regular day job at the YW and preparing for a baby! It ended up being incredible timing though. I got to spend the first 8 months of my maternity leave in the studio.  Then I celebrated Asher’s first birthday with the release of my “Tree of Life” album and returning to work at the YWCA. Hard to believe that was a year ago already!

So here I am, just heading into my 8th month of pregnancy with Baby 2.0 and some crazy things are starting to happen! Just when I return home from an amazing Official Showcase opportunity at this year’s Folk Alliance in Kansas City, as I’m in the final planning stages of my biggest event of the year at work – the YWCA Edmonton Women of Distinction Awards – also whilst preparing for my second lil’ babe to make it’s grand entrance… I get an email announcing the Kerrville New Folk Songwriting Competition Finalists.. and I’m one of them!

Only a few short hours later the same evening I get another email from the Calgary Folk Music Festival Ship & Anchor Songwriting Contest and I am a finalist in their Beaver Tales Category for songs about Alberta with my song “Where I Belong”!

And THEN… (yes there’s more) this week I get an email letting me know my one on one Skype Songwriting Lesson with Foy Vance has been scheduled! This was a super generous and phenomenal Christmas gift from my in laws. I’m excited yet intimidated to say the very least.

So to recap… in my final 8 weeks of work, and 10 weeks of pregnancy the following is about go down:

Let’s just hope I don’t go into early labour with all the excitement (joking aside – I really don’t want to miss out – so Baby 2.0 stay RIGHT where you are until your due date please)! I am one lucky lucky lady.

Thank you to Kerrville Folk Festival, Calgary Folk Music Folk Festival and Ship & Anchor Pub Songwriting Contest, my family, friends and coworkers for the insane support and encouragement in this wild time!

Too bad this is most likely my last pregnancy, I’d love to see what might come about if I went for #3. Hehe.


LNG xo