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Day one – CRSW

August 2, 2012

So to begin CRSW –┬áCanadian Rockies Songwriter Workshop – to make sure everyone is on the same page. The first day has been more than I could have imagined. The last time I ventured off on my own for songwriting development purposes (Memphis in Feb) it took me a few days to get into the swing of things. I had a hard time finding friendly folks to hang with, and mostly just felt overwhelmed by everything and everyone. Things could not be more different this time around! Right off the bat there were a few familiar faces (Rob Heath – who lent me his studly jeep to go pick up some forgotten lyric sheets – Brian McLeod, and Julia – from the Pink & Ribbon Campaign – who I do an annual 12K in Canmore with). Not that I really needed familiar faces as everyone here is so friendly and interested and genuine. I feel like we’re all friends already and we’ve spent about… 7 hours together so far.

I arrived in Canmore with my parents after a bit of a rainy roadtrip. They dropped me at the hotel where the retreat was, I registered and immediately struck up a conversation with the lovely lady sitting beside me – Danielle French – from Calgary. We soon realized we were both in Memphis for the FAI Conference and I had met a friend of hers that had told me all about her and her fabulous music. Then I met my roommate for the weekend – Miranda Jackson – a sweetheart from Drayton Valley whom I just know I’m going to get along great for the next few days.

Jason Blume arrived and gave us a bit of an introduction on his personal and songwriting history and success. A bit intimidating I will not lie! Then we had a group song critique/song circle led by Cori Brewster (head honcho of the whole workshop) and Rob Heath. The late registrants (like myself) were invited to sing a song since the rest of the registrants will be getting some one on one critique time with Jason. I sang my newest song “To Write Love On Her Arms” and got some wonderful feedback and ideas on how to improve it. I was a little nervous playing in front of so many songwriters but I think I did alright.

Then we had an amazing meal at the Georgetown Inn (where we’re all staying) and off to another song circle! I was sitting there wracking my brain on what to play as with all the events at the YW, and all the catering we’ve been doing I haven’t really sat down at a piano for a few months at least. I went over the chords for Better Things in my head and went up and played infront of everyone for a second time. It felt good!

Tomorrow is the actual first full day of seminars/sessions with Jason, so I look forward to taking notes and learning lots. What a great first day! I’m already feeling inspired!

Cheers for now!