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Day two/three – crsw

August 4, 2012

I’m on a quick lunch break from day three of the Canadian Rockies Songwriter Workshop, but I was up so late last night that I didn’t get a chance to blog about yesterday’s session!

We started bright and early with an object writing session. I haven’t been up at 7am in a while! I was a bit groggy and I have done some object writing seminars before but I learned a couple of new tools & tricks that I am excited to share with Daneel when I get back for our weekly object writing sessions!

Then we all had breakfast together. That has been a really fun part of this retreat, we all sleep and eat in one location – Georgetown Inn – and then have the retreat at Mystic Springs Chalet just down the road. A nice change of pace for the official learning, and a separate place for the more casual networking. The food has been fantastic and the service at Georgetown Inn amazing! We’ve had a lovely girl named Sarah taking very good care of us!

The sessions focus yesterday was LYRICS. We learned tools and resources for writing effective, original, detailed lyrics that make a statement. Mostly when I write I tend to just spew out onto the page, and rewriting has always been a bit of a challenge for me so I’m looking forward to having a few tricks up my sleeve for rewriting and refining in the future.

In the afternoon we had 8 people (the early registrants) get to have a one on one song critique with Jason. It was really great to get to hear all the other people and their songs, their stories. Even though I was one of the last to sign up for the retreat and therefore don’t get a direct critique I felt like I learned a lot from listening to everyone else’s songs and hearing what Jason had to say about their lyrical content.

After dinner we had another song circle and I braved the piano once again to play Prairie Belle for everyone. I made it through. I didn’t really have any other songs I am proficient enough on piano to play for everyone so on the second round of songs I sung one of my newest songs “Four Little Chickadees” just straight up acapella. This is a song I wrote for my sister and her four little ones, and haven’t even had the chance to sing for HER. I had finished writing it just in time for her birthday but have still not gotten around to sharing it. SO first thing on the agenda when I get home is to sing it for her. I was having a little trouble with the third verse and bridge so the lovely Erica Viegas gave a fresh perspective and helped me finish it!

Today’s session is all about melody. I learned today that out of all the elements of a song, the melody is the most important and again learned some great tools to try and use as I continue to songwrite.

Only a few more hours together with these wonderful folks and Jason Blume, and I’m going to take as much advantage as I can! I’ll admit it though – so much information and focused learning and I’m ready for a quality nap when this all wraps up!

Thanks to Cori Brewster, the Georgetown Inn and Mystic Springs Chalet for all the amazing hospitality and for making us all feel at home.

Can’t wait to put this inspiration to work when I get home!