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folk alliance – blog entry # 2…

February 24, 2012

Day three. I’m just waking up (it’s 10:30am Memphis time). It was another late night! I got back to my hotel around 3am after seeing a number of awe inspiring showcases including – Liz Longley, Buckman Coe, Lizzy Hoyt, Megan Burt, Joe Nolan, The Honeycutters, and a slew of ridiculously talented artists in the Cumberland Collective (Isaac Hayden, Mike Willis). As I mentioned yesterday this conference is filled with so many talented people (the word talented doesn’t even seem adequate to describe them) and if you’re not careful it can turn into a bit of a head game…

As a voice teacher, I am the first to remind my students to never compare themselves to another vocalist, performer, songwriter, etc. So I’ve had to slap myself on the wrist a few times over these past few days when I catch myself wondering “and what am I doing here amongst all these phenomenal people? who the hell do I think I am anyway?” I had to fight with myself a bit last night before my own showcase when I sat down to play my humble little songs on piano (that I clumsily lugged around – sorry for anyone’s toes that I may have bruised along the way). I shook my head & reminded myself, I’m Lisa Nicole Grace, a girl from the prairies and although I may not be virtuosic I still have something to say and my songs are from the heart. Of anyone, these people can see that I’m genuine if nothing else. I’m lucky to be here.

So now that I’ve got my head back on straight, I plan to make the most of the next few days. There’s a long list of workshops & artists I plan to see today including Rose Cousins, Carolina Story, Catherine Britt, Harpeth Rising and whoever else I blissfully stumble upon along the way. There’s a good meal in my future, a walk along the Mississippi and perhaps even building a ukelele!