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January 16, 2009
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*this is a song i started writing a long time ago, but forgot about until recently it popped into my head along with some new lyrics. it’s still not finished but here’s what i have so far.

she’s got her clothes
in a garbage bag
in the corner of her room
so she can get on up & go
when she needs to
she’s been running for so long
she doesn’t know where to run to

verse two
no place of her own
just a history
of barely getting by
a couple friends
on down the road
put her up for the night
but she’s so
she’s so tired

she’s a gypsy
and she’s lonely
she’s got her bangles & her bells
and the stories that she tells
to me

she’s a gypsy
lost & empty
she’s a wounded soul
but she’s beautiful
to me