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in a studio full of boys…

March 13, 2013

Well we’re two weeks into recording now. So far so good! I’m learning that life with a babe flies by even more quickly than without. Hard to believe Asher is almost 2 months old already! We have been working on acoustic guitar bed tracks, and have 9 out of 10 done! The more we work on these songs, and the more I sing the lyrics the more I realize how thematic this album is turning out to be. Prairie Belle was a collection of songs I had had ready to record for so long from so many different times in my life, while Tree of Life is going to be a lot of newer songs, all falling into the theme of different seasons of life. I didn’t even necessarily mean for it to be that way, so I’m really enjoying watching these songs unfold.

As I mentioned in my last blog I have been bringing Asher along with me to the studio. It’s been a very special time for me as a new mum, having my wee babe wrapped up in my arms falling asleep to me singing scratch vocals. A bit surreal really! In a studio full of boys I have been breastfeeding and changing my little man. Jeff (engineer) has three kids of his own running around upstairs so it’s definitely a baby friendly zone and I’m loving it. Being a little indie artist, you only get to make so many albums in your lifetime so picking a studio is an important process. So glad I have chosen Phonetic Sound so Asher & I can feel at home while working on this record.

I am also really happy with the songs I’ve chosen to record on this album. I haven’t spent a ton of time focusing on anything other than the babe these last two-three months so revisiting these songs has been really lovely. I’m also excited about the co-writes that I’m including – a song I wrote with Chloe Albert called “It’s just a season” about going through trying times, a song I wrote with Marty Pawlina and Rob Heath called “Words to weigh” about lil’ Asher, and “Four Little Chickadees” that I wrote for my sister when her twins were born, which Erica Viegas helped me finish with a beautiful bridge that really brings the song together.

It also goes without saying that I am a spoiled spoiled girl having my husband work from home. We are getting to spend some serious quality time together as a new little fam during the day and in the studio. Being able to collaborate with Jered is such a treat. He has such wonderful musical taste and ideas, and truly cares about making my songs sound their best.

On a more mummy related note, I think I am just now starting to find my mummy rhythm. I feel like I can start to fit more into my day other than just feeding, changing and soothing the little goose. I have started going to a new mum’s group, I went to my first post baby zumba class this week , and I bought a running stroller to start running again. I’ve finally started taking some ownership in my home – trying to organize and clean on a regular basis… I’ve never been the best home maker and I’m definitely not claiming to be even a decent one now, but at least I’m trying!

Well that’s the update for now!