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These days I have been feeling a plethora (love that word) of overwhelming emotions. I’ve never really been one to over analyze and compare myself to others, but I have to admit I have been catching myself comparing what I am doing with my life, my music and such to what other people are doing and what they’re accomplishing. Why am I doing that? STOP IT. There, hopefully I listen.

As far as the record goes, Jered was in the studio a week ago and put down some amazing drum tracks. It completely renewed my excitement and hope for this project. I have a new timeline in mind for when I want the album done (since my last timeline was completely a joke, and laughed itself all the way into May) but I don’t really want to put it out there until closer to, so I don’t get my hopes up and then not make it. I have been taking in a LOT of live music lately, and it warms my heart. I have been hosting some live music nights at Axis Cafe, and with the Prairie Belles Podcast that Daneel and I have been doing on a weekly basis, I hear about SO MANY fantastic artists playing I can’t stay away. Last week I saw Meaghan Smith (a lovely girl from Halifax, Nova Scotia) at the Haven Social Club, and again I was at the Haven last night for Manuela Wuthrich’s cd release show.
There were two opening acts, one of which was a girl from Toronto called Jadea Kelly. She has such a beautiful unique voice. She inspired me.

I’m going to try and take the overwhelming emotions and thoughts and dreams I’ve been dealing with and write about them. I haven’t been nearly as diligent about writing as I should be these days. I can’t wait to get back down to business.

On another note, I have a show with the lovely Erica Viegas ( on June 5th @ Axis Cafe. I’m going to sing me a Meaghan Smith cover since I loved her show so much!

Sort of a random scatter brained blog, but there it is folks. Happy May Long. xo