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It’s here!

December 1, 2013

It’s hard to believe the day is finally here. With all the intense planning and preparing that goes into recording and then releasing an album it’s bittersweet really to see this part of the process end. It’s really very similar to sending your kid off to their first day of school (although Asher is only 10 months so I haven’t actually experienced that for myself yet). However it’s how I think it must feel. You dress them up in their very best, smooth down their fuzzy little hairs, tell them they’re going to be great and then watch them waddle down the sidewalk and into the swarm of other kiddies walking through those big intimidating school doors. You are excited, nervous, proud, emotional, protective….

Will they get along with the other kids? Will the teachers and other children see all the wonderful little things that you see? Ok ok, enough of this cute metaphor. You get what I’m saying. This album (like the one before it and I’m sure any album I record after it) is like my baby! I have poured myself into it. These songs are literally a part of me. They are these precious moments in time that I felt inspired enough to sit down and sing my heart out about. Releasing it is throwing it out into the real world and hoping it survives. That people hear what I was trying to say, that people hear every special little nuance, that people respond to the spirit of the project.

This last year has been so special it’s really hard to put it into actual words. As I mentioned a few blogs back, this record is different from a lot of music being created in this day and age. I am proud of the organic nature of the record – the solid takes from start to end of every track, the lack of editing, tuning, samples. This album is about as natural as it gets, which seems fitting as the album’s theme is centered around trees, seasons, nature and life. My heart is hopeful that all this will translate as you listen and that you will appreciate our genuine efforts.

I could go on and on as I usually do, but on this very special digital release day I’m going to end it here and just say thanks to everyone who was involved in making “Tree of Life”  and let the music speak for itself. You can download the new album here and details on my cd release in January can be found here.

Cheers everyone!

LNG xox

PS – Huge thanks to Kasia at Code Word Media Design for the beautiful new website and Ashley Champagne for the photography. <3