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ladies, cali & potted plants

May 26, 2008
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Since the last time I wrote in my blog, I have been to a women’s conference in Surrey, B.C. with my mum, sister, niece, aunt and two cousins. It was a whirlwind of a weekend but I learned some good stuff from one of the speakers in particular, Charlotte (can’t remember her last name – to be updated later). One of her “sermons” was called “Putting your first things first”.

Since Jered is gone so much, I definitely tend to overbook myself, I think in order to keep myself busy as not to miss him terribly. I know at times I do feel like I’m burning the candle at both ends with school (online part time event management courses), work (full time), singing, songwriting & performing on the side, worship @ church, and then extra curricular events like scrapbooking, photography, movies, dinners with girlfriends. So I’ve made a vow to myself (and a few friends to keep me accountable) to learn how to say no (nicely ofcourse) and stop overbooking myself. My priorites are to be (in NO particular order) – Jered, church, my music (specifically my EP that needs to be recorded & ready to roll on July 18th) family, Otis and my lovely girlfriends. I’ve decided to take the summer off and finish my last course for my event management certificate in the fall. I’m not going to plan ANYTHING on Sundays (keep them open for church, hanging out with church folk, and family dinners). And I’m going to try to keep at least 3 nights a week free, especially this June so I can record, and put together cds for my EP release.

After the women’s conference and various revelations, I went to spend five days in California with my dear Uncle Hugh/Godfather. After the engine of my plane exploded, I was delayed 6.5 hrs at the Vancouver airport. I had been running non stop for weeks, so sitting, napping & reading in the airport wasn’t actually that bad. When I finally arrived in Cali, I spent the entire week sitting by the pool reading (read three HUGE fabulous novels) shopping, eating out, and overall just relaxing. Every morning I would get up and go outside for a swim straight out of bed, then pick a grapefruit for my breakfast. I got some great conversation from my uncle and some great cuddles from his dog Maggs. I flew home Friday night, and went to a wedding Saturday (for which we were late & missed the ceremony). Jered had a free weekend for once in his life, so we threw together our new tent & sleeping bag, brought along our baby dog Otis, and some snacks. It ended up piss pouring rain, and our air mattress was riddled with holes, so we slept on the damp ground of our tent, but had great tent canoodling and cuddles regardless. 🙂

This weekend I had the whole Saturday off, so Jer & I went to the downtown farmer’s market where we brought Otis for the first time. He was pretty overwhelmed and hyper, but didn’t bark at all, and only jumped up on people who allowed him to. Afterwards we went to Canadian Tire where Jered humoured me while I shopped for plants. I went home & spent a few hours potting plants, and hanging baskets. Then I had a cold shower & had a great afternoon nap.

Now the week has begun and I’ve found myself with a completely booked week, every night. I guess my “First things first” starts June 1st, and then I am definitely slowing down and focusing on my music. 🙂