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LNG Live

February 15, 2015

On this wintery day in February I’m excited to finally post this video that we recorded and filmed back in August in a beautiful field just off of a communal garden here in South Edmonton.

It was a lovely warm sunny summer’s night and we returned to the field where I had my photo shoot for the cover of “Tree of Life” with Ashley Champagne. What a gorgeous spot! A tree-hugger like me cannot get over the huge majestic trees lining this property. It’s always a treat to chat with the people from the community garden as well (and both times I’ve been sent home with a bag full of harvested goodies!)

Because we were in an open field we had to use the power from our engineer and videographer Dave Palmer’s truck to record the track! The mosquitoes were deadly that night, but you barely heard any of the boys complaining. For some reason in my white dress they stayed far away from me (which is a miracle for those who know me – I’m usually being eaten alive).

Just a fun little live video to share before heading to Kansas City this coming week! Watch for tweets and blogs on my brother in law Brent and my adventures as we do 7 showcase sets! Should be fun (and exhausting – did I mention I’m 5 months pregnant?) 😉