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June 3, 2016

I cannot stand the fact that the last blog post on my website is from almost a year ago when Wren was born! I’ve been telling myself I would write a blog post for some time. Wren is almost 11 months old. This makes me feel as though I’m telling the world that nothing has been happening musically and in life in general over the last year and it’s just not true!

My new favorite saying is “hashtag mumlife” (ie. #mumlife). You thought social media was a thing before kids? Well wait til you have kids and you have to hold yourself back from posting ridiculously cute and hilarious photos every ten minutes. My kids are all of these things – ridiculous, cute and hilarious all at once, all the time, all day long. I hold myself back from posting too much but if you want to follow along on instagram or snapchat, come join the fun @lisanicolegrace.

I also use #mumlife for all the moments where you’re like “what the $%&* just happened.” For example – finding sticky handprints on your nice dress perfectly placed right on your butt during a rare kid free evening, fishing poop out of the bath after a surprise aqua dumping, finding both kids covered in marker or peanut butter. You catch my drift.

Asher is 3.5 now and a force to be reckoned with. He spends his days zipping around the house on his scooter or his bike, playing drums, screaming and laughing and breaking things and scraping his knees. I love him something fierce. He also drives me to drink every now and then.

Wren is doing what we call “crabbing”. She scoots around the house with one foot behind and one in front at a surprisingly fast pace. I should attach a swiffer to her cute little booty and I’d have the cleanest floors around. She watches her big brother’s every move, laughs at everything he laughs at and loves waffles. She is a teeny tiny little bird of a thing which has been the total opposite of Asher who was always such a chunky brute. I guess that’s what I get for calling her Wren. She is such a little treasure that she even has me wanting to go for a third. Jered is not in favour of any more babies so feel free to join me in a little prayer that he changes his mind. 😉

Musically I have been doing a bit of solo writing, and a bit of cowriting with the lovely Chloe Albert and Colleen Rae. Appropriately enough we just finished a song together this week called Young Mother – a song for our fellow mums encouraging them (and ourselves) to fight through the crazy times of the young years. Hopefully we can make a little video of the song to share with you all. I’m also applying for grants to record a new album hopefully within the next year or so.

I’ve had the pleasure of subbing in a handful of times with The Carolines over the past year. We played a show on the Queen Riverboat, we toured to Drayton Valley and Daysland. We had green rooms and free meals and signed autographs. All pretty fun stuff that I haven’t really experienced before at my tiny little local shows in and around Edmonton.

I’ve been playing around town a bit lately too. I’m excited to play a little gem of a festival this weekend called the Heart of the City Festival  on Sunday. I’ll be on at 1:55pm.

Heart of the City Poster

I’m also super excited to play Cafe Blackbird for the first time on July 7th.

Cafe Blackbird Poster 2016

Outside of music and mum life our catering company Catering by Gail has been keeping us super busy. We are in the season of weddings, grads and BBQs. We are also in the process of starting an offshoot – preservative free, organic, delivered to your door baby food called Thrive. So stay tuned for that to launch in the next few months!

Well #mumlife calls. I’ve had to stop and start this blog about a thousand times to refill bowls of cheerios, take random items out of Wren’s mouth (what we affectionately call floor snacks) and keep Asher from smothering Wren a handful of times. Looking forward to sharing new music with you all soon!