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post-folk alliance…

March 5, 2012

Well I’ve been home for a week and lots has been going on, so I thought I would do a little “post-folk alliance” update. Memphis was amazing. It was a whirlwind of emotions for me because I was in such a new place, with an overwhelming amount of activity and amazing music going on around me. I finally settled in to truly enjoy my last days at the conference. You may have noticed this when reading my most recent blog entry!

My parents picked me up from the airport late Monday night, only for us to head back out the next morning bright & early to send them off to Mexico. I had a jam packed week as my work, the YWCA Edmonton, was sponsoring two documentaries as part of Global Visions Film Festival. I had to put together the discussion panel for after the double bill screening. I also had to moderate the afternoon by introducing the films, sharing information about their directors, and then putting together questions for the panel! I attended the opening night gala as well with a few other girls from the office to represent the YWCA.

Amidst all that I was back to my regularly scheduled podcasting with my darling Daneel. We are just gearing up for our big “2 years of podcasting” birthday bash this coming weekend, where we will be launching our new website – that is such a long time coming! If you haven’t already, please join us and get your tickets here!

I also got the lovely opportunity to attend the Shell Theatre for their “Jazz Me Away” concert with Thea Neumann and Clint Pelletier, and the Jesse Peters Trio (hubbie Jered was on drums). Daneel & I attended the show as the Prairie Belles and “live tweeted” the daylights out of the show.

My sweet sweet little niece & nephew (twins) finally got to come home while I was in Memphis, so I spent a few nights this week (3) just catchinng up on cuddling, feeding and loving on them.

The most exciting part of the week – I won a trip to Toronto this coming Friday to meet Jann Arden, get some fun swag (her most recent release & autobiography) and watch her concert at Massey Hall. Jann is definitely one of my greatest songwriting influences. I never really realized the affect she’s had on me until people started telling me at shows “You sure sound a lot like Jann Arden”. I had always listened to her of course, but never REALLY realized how much she¬†inspired me in my writing style.¬†There were two amazing coincidences with winning this contest (that was apparently a random draw out of a hat) – just last week in Memphis I did a cover of Jann Arden’s “Hanging by a Thread” in my private showcase. Also, the night I was flying home from Memphis, Jann was playing in Edmonton and I was missing it (much to my disappoinment). I’m taking my girlfriend Laura with me (as a last girls trip before she has her baby) and we’re going to paint the town – for one night only since I have to be back the next day for the Prairie Belles party!!

Finally, after waiting a few months since the release of “Prairie Belle” to calculate my cd sales, I made my first donation to the National Scoliosis Foundation. There is a song on my record – haven’t gotten there yet with my song diary – called “This Scar” that depicts my journey with scoliosis. I decided to donate 10% of my gross sales to the Foundation. The online forum has been a great source of friendship, support, information and entertainment for me ever since I was diagnosed (nearly 15 years!) and so I am thrilled to be able to give back in my own humble little way.

So among all that, Folk Alliance definitely inspired me as I knew it would, and I’ve been percolating a few songs in the back of my mind. Now to just have the time to sit down at the piano and let them spill out.

Thanks as always, for reading!