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January 21, 2011
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As I write this, Jered (husband & drummer) and my friend Peter (guitarist) are in the studio with my engineer Randor working away on two of my songs, Drifting & This Scar for my album. It has been a while since I blogged about my recording process. That’s mostly because there wasn’t much to blog about, it’s definitely been a little popcorn process, a bit of recording popping up here and there. BUT I am excited to report that we’ve booked a solid week at the end of February where Jered & Brent are going to take off work (we’ll be paying Brent what he usually gets paid at work) to get all the last bits & pieces HOPEFULLY finished.

I even have a lovely dobro player in Nashville working away today on two of my songs, Too Easy & Prairie Belle (the title track of the record). So although at one point it felt like my record would never be finished, I may ACTUALLY be seeing a slight flicker of the light at the end of the tunnel.

It would be really fantastic for this album to come out by the spring (and my 28th birthday). I have been nominated for a 2011 Edmonton Music Award (the first ever!) for “Artist to Watch in 2011”. I want to earn that nomination and perhaps that award by actually having something to show this year and release this record!!!

Along with progress on the record,  I have been very inspired lately and have been writing and concocting songs in my head. I always feel so productive when I’m in the midst of a creative process. That is the tricky nature of the beast though, because once the song is finished then I have this weird feeling of being stumped. To have a continuous creative flow would be such a blessing… alas, work & life sometimes get in the way!

Anyways I just had to write and burn off this little excited steam I have today because I can’t wait for things to be finished. Wait for it though folks, I’m sure once the album is done I’ll be whining and crying for the days when we were in the midst of the project. What can I say, I’m hard to please!

Thanks for reading. xo