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Record update

July 12, 2011
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Not sure if I mentioned this but I was in France for two weeks tagging along on a tour of four shows with Jered and the band. We had an amazing time… we travelled from Paris to Chinon (central France in the Loire Valley) to Tours to Berck (far north, on the English Channel) to Chavanod (far south almost in Switzerland) back up to the eastern central part in Dijon, back to Paris and home. We went to 9 wineries in 12 days, visited three Chateau’s (castles) ate amazing food, drank amazing wine and stayed at some really cute little boutique hotels. The festivals were a ton of fun. Jered and I didn’t really buy anything while we were there, except wine (17 bottles in our little backpacks!) needless to say I couldn’t carry our luggage past that point.

Before I left I asked my engineer Randor to have the record mixed by the time I got back. I am happy to report that upon the day I returned I had all 10 songs waiting for me in my DropBox. Jered and I have been listening to them non stop. We have a bit of tweaking to do, and want to hear Brent’s feedback as well… so once we get that sorted it will be on to mastering.

Also upon my return I got my photos back from my photographer Lillian, and sent them to my web designer. So hopefully in a few weeks I will at least have my website re-vamped and ready for the digital release, then all I’m waiting on is the actual music (obviously the most important part of all!).

Baby steps I know, but steps closer to a finished record. Once the digital release is said and done, then I’ll start working on getting the physical cds manufactured. Once I have those cds in my hot little hands, then I can actually nail down a cd release date and perhaps a mini fall tour? Patience is key I tell ya. I have been dying to be done this for quite some time now. I’m really excited about the finished product!!!!

That’s the latest for now. Stay tuned!