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remembrance day in a studio …

November 13, 2009

So Randor, Brent & Jered were sweet enough to humour me and record on a stat holiday. This past Wednesday we all gathered in the studio to watch/listen to Brent lay down some more piano tracks. I brought oatmeal raising cookies that I baked the night before, and second cup coffees to show my appreciation.

We only spent the afternoon in the studio, but we got another three songs done. I’m really happy with the way the piano tracks are sounding. MIDI is a pretty incredible tool. I was apprehensive on how a midi piano vs. the real thing would turn out, but I have to say I almost prefer the midi. We can choose the mood and ambience of the piano, the layout of the mics and really create the atmosphere we want for the song we’re working on. You can even choose to have the sound of the key hammer! Anyways I could go on and on, but basically to listen to the track you wouldn’t know it wasn’t a real piano in the studio, I guess except for the fact that I just told you. Haha let’s keep that our little secret. 🙂

I was a bit anxious to bring Jered into the studio. He has met Randor before and digs his work, but he hadn’t been to the studio yet to see for himself just where we’ll be making this record. His opinion means THE WORLD to me and I want the three of us (Jered, Brent and myself) to be the creative facilitators on this record. These boys are the ones whose opinions and ideas are going to fuel this thing. I know what I want and don’t want, but sometimes the difference between one acoustic guitar and another, or the difference between the way one cymbal rings vs. another gets a bit over my head. I’m really lucky to have these boys around to guide me and help me make these decisions together.

As I’m singing through these songs that I’ve written over the past few years I’m reminded of the people I wrote the songs for, or about. Some of them are still in the same place they were when I wrote the song but for the most part everyone has really grown up and changed. I haven’t had a live show since September so I haven’t really put myself emotionally into the songs for about over a month. Everytime I sing the songs I’ve written they take me back to when I wrote them, and what I was going through, what I was feeling. I think this record is going to have a very versatile feel to it for song content. I hope when it’s finished people really feel the songs. I want people to be touched by the words I’ve written. I want them to get to know me through my songs, but also for them to get to know themselves or get a revelation of themselves and who they are. Again, I’m getting ahead of myself as I always seem to do. I just can’t contain this feeling. It’s going to be a rollercoaster for the next six months making this record. Good thing I love rollercoasters!

More to come …