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September 2, 2010

So yesterday my guitar player for this album I’ve been trying to make, went into the studio for the first time. Unfortunately the scheduled time that worked best was during the day time and I had to be at my day job, but I did get Jered to sit in on the session & I got to sneak away from work for an hour or so to listen & give my wee input.

They were working on my song “Clearer Day” which is a song about picking yourself up when you’re feeling completely low, brushing yourself off & telling yourself you’re going to be alright, and praying for a better time, a “clearer day” to come. As far as guitar goes I’ll fully admit I don’t really hear specific ideas for this song. I know Jered, Brent and Randor would have more direction to give Peter (the lovely & amazing guitar player that has agreed to help us out on this record). Peter had some really fantastic ideas, and contributed so many beautiful sounds that really take this song to a whole new level. After months of no work being done on my album, I am fully renewed and excited to see how these songs that have basic structure right now, will develop and grow.

Since I have never recorded any full band songs before I’m so curious for how the concept of the full album will come together. What genre will it be? What will people hear as my influences? How will people feel when they’re listening to my songs? It’s funny when you’re in the studio & you hear this little song you wrote, just you, sitting at your ancient pre-WWII Homer piano, coming alive and becoming WAY bigger than you had ever conceptualized. What a beautiful thing. What a thrilling & slightly scary thing. I have hoped & prayed for this album for so long… can people who are not involved in creating music, but involved in listening to it, ever competely comprehend what an emotional process making an album can be??? My heart longs for this record. To sing the final vocals & harmonies.. to hear it mixed & mastered, to see in a pretty little package. Maybe it’s just me, maybe because I’ve been waiting to make this record for so bloody long, I’ve become slightly obsessed. But I feel like I’m not only getting to better know myself & my music through this process, but beginning to understand the common bond I will have with other people who have recorded their material and put it out there for people to grasp onto.

Like I said, I am fully renewed by hope, by excitement and by love for this album that is slowly making it’s way.