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:: SACRED ::

July 28, 2016

This is my fourth and final installment in the Songwriter’s Association of Canada’s 4×4 Songwriting & Blogging Challenge. What an incredible time I’ve had! I signed up a bit anxious at the idea of writing a song each week – especially with specific criteria. I really wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do it, but I’m so happy to say I did. Is each song amazing and in a finished state? No. But I pushed myself to take time each week to write. My maternity leave ended and I went back to work just as this challenge started which also had me a bit worried – but it was really valuable for me to take the time to be creative in the midst of the transition to a new routine.

Before I post about this last song in the challenge I want to say again – THANK YOU S.A.C. for putting this challenge together. For being so organized and having all the logistics covered. For choosing some fantastic songwriting mentors, for bringing all these Canadian writers together to encourage and inspire one another. I honestly look so forward to doing this again next year.

This week’s challenge was issued by Emma-Lee – and it was to combine two previously unfinished songs into one finished song.

This worked out well for me because I had two unfinished songs that had a similar theme in them, and I just molded them together to form this finished song “Sacred.”

This is one for all the mamas out there. This is a song I wrote to myself to just cherish each and every moment we have with our children. There is such magic to be found in the ordinary and even sometimes the overwhelming moments. I literally need to remind myself to stop and breathe in the treasure of parenthood on the regular. This song is simply about that, reminding myself that these moments are so sacred and special. I hope you enjoy it! xo

You can listen here: SACRED



The day begins in black and white
Before the colour comes with the sunlight
Five warm bodies huddled up so tight

In one tiny little bed


This is sacred
And I will savour it, I won’t forget
This is sacred

Verse two

Tiny fingers intertwined
Never wanting to let go of mine

Little shadows following behind
Or just wandering ahead


This is sacred
And I will savour it, I won’t forget
This is sacred


Breath deep, breath slow
Don’t let these moments go

Be here, be now
The time flies by somehow

Chorus (x2)

Copyright 2016 Lisa Nicole Grace Evangelos.