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song diary

November 2, 2011

Since I released my precious little Prairie Belle earlier this past month, I have been wanting to start a little song diary. So many of the songs on my record were written quite a while ago. I wanted to revisit them song by song and reflect on why I wrote them, where I was at the time and how I’ve grown and evolved as a singer/songwriter, friend, wife, sister… since. I decided I may as well just go in the order of the songs on the record. This week I want to reflect on “Too Easy” the very first track on the album.

I started writing “Too Easy” after I had met up with a friend with whom I had lost contact with for a number of years. I had moved out to Nova Scotia for school. She had moved multiple times and changed her numbers and email address so when I moved back to Alberta, I couldn’t find her. When we finally reconnected she told me a catalogue of stories where she fell in love with a guy, sacrificed everything in her world to be with him, ended up heart broken and alone, lather, rinse, repeat. The five or so years since we had last seen eachother were spent having her heart broken and putting it back together. She admitted to me that maybe she didn’t play hard enough to get, that she didn’t want to hold her feelings back, that she just wanted to be loved, to be happy. She said most of the time these men that she gave her heart to, took her for granted. She said, maybe she was giving herself away too easily.

After our evening together I realized I knew a lot of girls with a similar story. I felt sad and disappointed for her, for them. As usual when I am overcome with a certain emotion, I poured my thoughts and feelings into a song and “Too Easy” was written. To this day, this song is one that most people (mostly ladies, but not all) tell me they can really relate to. Now, I’m not encouraging girls to play games and play too hard to get and send mixed messages in order to get men to respect them and appreciate them. I mostly just want people to recognize their worth. To know they deserve to be treasured, and that they don’t have to settle to be loved. That when they stand up for what they want and believe and deserve, that the other party in a relationship can better deliver those expectations.

So how have I grown since writing this song? Well I was already a wife when I wrote it, but I am also now an auntie. I see the world through more maternal eyes. I want to see my niece and nephew making good choices when they are old enough to give their hearts to someone special.

Too Easy – Track 1 on Prairie Belle

She doesn’t want to hold them back
All of these feelings she has
She wants to give them all away
She’s never played too hard to get
She’s always taken for granted
She just wants to be happy

She’s making it way too easy
Giving herself away for free
Treating her heart so carelessly
I want her to slow down
Take a good long look around
And consider listening

Verse two
It was a few short years ago
These pretty girls I used to know
Were holding tight to their roots
But they grew up and they moved on
Trying so hard just to belong
I think they lost sight of the truth

They’re making it way too easy
Giving themselves away for free
Treating their heart so carelessly
I want them to slow down
Take a good long look around
And consider listening

But I know sometimes it’s hard, and sometimes it hurts
It’s easier to just give in then to stand up for what you’re worth
I want you to stand up for what you’re worth

You’re making it way too easy
Giving yourself away for free
Treating your heart so carelessly
I want you to slow down
Take a good long look around
And consider listening
To me

So there is the first song diary entry. Stay tuned for more in the next week or so. Thank you so much for reading and for your support.

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