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Sound, Phrase & Fury

March 2, 2015

What fun! Canadian Music Publicaton “Sound, Phrase & Fury” featured an article on me for their March issue. I met Janet Adamama at Folk Alliance International last week in Kansas City. She came to my official showcase, and then tagged me in a few FAI related posts after the conference wrapped. Three things…

1) I don’t think I’ve ever felt so accurately interpreted by someone in writing. What Janet says about my songs, my blend of genres and my influences/inspirations couldn’t be more spot on and encouraging that I’m effectively communicating my heart via song. Thank you Janet for getting me! You definitely filled my bucket with your words. You can read the article here. <3

2) Sound, Phrase & Fury is the bomb. It is so well written and informative on up and coming artists in Canada and beyond. You need to read it.

3) Have you heard of ISSUU? It’s this amazing digital publishing platform and app for reading various publications. Folk Alliance introduced me to it because their online program was published via ISSUU. What a great way to access some great reading material online or on your phone. Check it out!

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