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Stage two…

July 31, 2013

Today was a big day! I took the final masters of my new album “Tree of Life” and handed them in to Rawlco Radio. So many thoughts have been swimming around in my head and I’ve been trying to find a moment to sit down and blog about this all day! Between the actual drop off, mama duties, cleaning my house for some friends who are coming over tonight to celebrate, and some catering admin work I finally have a free moment while Asher sleeps. Now I sit here, and it’s hard to fathom that all the hard work can be summed up into one sentence! The music part of the album is officially finished and submitted. Now to try and share it with as many people as possible. So really, the work has just begun!

It has been a whirlwind 6 months. I realize that I have made reference to Asher’s age and growth a lot lately, but I still have not completely processed that I am a mum. I was on the floor with Asher today just goofing around and I looked at him and said, “You are my child. What the heck?” He just laughed at me. My perspective on life has changed so drastically since having a baby. Now I know how my parents (and all parents) feel! Wild. Fitting that this new album begins with the song I wrote with my friends Marty and Rob called “Words to Weigh,” a song we wrote when I was pregnant about Asher and some important things I want to teach him as he grows up.

There are too many things I want to say about this new album, and I know if I tried to fit them all into one blog it would be the blog that never ends. So I will save some of those things for when I actually release the album. Which won’t be for a few months more as I still have to do the graphic design and have these babies manufactured.

Dropping the masters off at Rawlco Radio!

Dropping the masters off at Rawlco Radio!

I loved everything about my first record “Prairie Belle” and am still very proud of it. However, this new album just feels so relevant and current to my life right now. I’ve only ever released one album before, so maybe this is how it feels with every new album you record. The songs are all fairly new, and so near and dear to my heart. It is so difficult to communicate how so many hopes, dreams, wishes and pieces of my heart are intertwined into each fibre of each song. I’m sure all the songwriters out there feel me!

Recording this album was a totally new experience as well as we did things a bit differently this time around. Each instrument and all my vocal tracks were recorded in one solid take. There is next to no editing, absolutely no samples, no tuning… This is definitely not the norm for recording these days! I know I mentioned more than once that we wanted to take an organic approach to this project. Well I’ll tell you, it was a beautiful challenge for sure! There were times when I got so frustrated because I would make a mistake mid take and we’d have to start all over again… but I really feel that we captured a raw emotion and energy by doing it this way. That means that there are a few imperfections in there, which is scary to release to the musical masses, but I love the imperfections because they are real. This is good ol’ fashioned music from the heart and I am proud of it.

I am also so so proud of my wonderful husband Jered. He poured his soul into this record. He played on it, he produced it with so much heart, and he worked alongside Jeff (my engineer) til the wee hours of the morning painstakingly mixing it. It was such a precious thing to work alongside each other so closely on this album. To see him wanting to make it the absolute best it could be, and to have him understand my vision for each song so well. Pardon the over the top sentimentality here, but I am more in love with Jered than I have ever been and so thankful to have him as my partner in music, parenthood and life in general.

Are you still with me? 🙂 I obviously couldn’t have made this album without some seriously phenomenal musicians – Jered, Ryan Jacobson, Brent Schaitel, Ryan Davidson, Scotty Sanders. Then there are the lovely ladies that sang with me on a few songs – Chloe Albert, Lesley Pelletier and Ashley Jacobsen! Jeff Olson from Phonetic Sound and Andy Wilson at Andy Wilson Mastering. I really felt like I got to form personal friendships/relationships with each one of these people while working with them. I am such a lucky girl to get to work with such friendly, generous and talented people.

Finally, it goes without saying that this album would not have been possible without the incredibly generous folks at Rawlco Radio and the 10k20 program. After 10 years of applying for grants and never getting anywhere, Rawlco gave me the chance to make an album I’m so proud of. If that’s not a lesson in perseverance I don’t know what is. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Well there it is. I’m sure you can tell my heart is over flowing. Now onto “Stage two” of designing the album art, manufacturing the record and then sharing it with all you wonderful folks!

As a little sneak peek, here is the first track off the album. The song I mentioned above that I wrote with Marty Pawlina and Rob Heath about my sweet baby Asher. It’s called “Words to Weigh” and I whole heartedly hope you enjoy it.

Please also stay tuned because I really can’t wait to share the whole record with you very soon!

Much love,

LNG xo