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August 18, 2011

memory box

*A new song I have started writing about loss. In progress. verse I keep your memories locked, inside of this box When I want to ... [ more » ]

June 21, 2011

little life

A new song I wrote for my sister Brooke who recently had a miscarriage. It definitely brought a new perspective on losing a little ... [ more » ]

March 16, 2011

your legacy

*a new song I started around Christmas when my 91 year old grandpa had just had a stroke and our whole family was pretty ... [ more » ]

March 1, 2011


*Here’s a new song I’ve been working on, and I think I finished it officially last night. verse she wonders where she belongs she ... [ more » ]

October 29, 2010

grey area

* another new song… on a bit of a songwriting roll & it feels good. not saying these songs are masterpieces by any stretch ... [ more » ]

October 27, 2010


* So as usual there have been chunks of time where we have recording sessions scheduled & work being done on the album, and ... [ more » ]