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Times Get Tough

February 22, 2018

The last couple of years have been especially difficult for Jered and I. We have had some major upheaval in our personal lives, church family.. Jered’s dad was diagnosed with cancer, moved to Edmonton to live with us on and off for six months. We had a major flood after a city water main broke in the alley behind our house but all the water came up under our deck wreaking havoc on our basement, backyard & garage. Then we lost Jered’s dad after a serious battle with renal carcinoma. Marriage is enough of a challenge when things are peachy, I’m sure you can imagine it gets pretty hairy when life feels like it’s constantly in crisis mode.

In the fall in the midst of all of this – the Comox Valley Pregnancy Care Centre flew me out to sing at a benefit concert. It was the perfect little getaway and felt totally decadent to runaway from life for the weekend. Of course being alone for a few hours each way on a flight had the songwriting juices flowing and I wrote “Times Get Tough” for Jered. 

Soon after I decided I wanted to try and record this song and give it to Jered for Valentine’s Day. Never ever knowing or expecting that would be the day we would say goodbye to Jered’s father Regas. Making the song even more significant.

I shared the song via my personal facebook with Jered last week, but after such an incredible response from our family and friends I decided I would share it publicly as well.

Here is my song “Times Get Tough” recorded with the amazing Stew Kirkwood at Sound Extractor Studios in one afternoon. I made the little stop motion lyric video with 900 photos I took on my kitchen counter. 🙂 I hope you enjoy it. xo