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October 13, 2011

After two years of recording, months and months of mixing, mastering, designing, writing thank yous, planning my new website, planning my cd release… it’s here.

I’m in bed after midnight the night before I digitally release my first album and I am so bloody proud. I am proud of my amazing musicians. I’m proud of my engineer and my mixer, I’m proud of my masterer…. I’m ridiculously proud of my graphic designer (web & cd cover). I’m proud of myself.

This has been a very long journey, and although this is only one part of the process (and I still have my intimate cd launch in a few weeks, then my big cd release show in the new year) I’m close to finishing the creating process and beginning the promoting process. This is serious business for me. I have always dreamt of having a full length record. A catalogue of my music. A diary of my thoughts and inspirations. Here it finally is. Her name is Prairie Belle and she is pretty darn beautiful if I do say so myself!

All ten songs were written by me and me alone. These songs chronicle major points in my life over the last ten years. Watching relationships either directly related to me, or close to me. Falling in love (myself and those around me). Fighting dark days and waiting (with hope) for the sun. Coming to terms with my surgery and the impact it has had on me. Watching my partner in life & crime work through anxiety and depression. Suffering through rejection and believing in better things. Expressing the love I have for my home. It really has it all.

I hope there are songs that will touch you and inspire you. I hope you see yourself in my song stories. I hope you get to know me if you don’t already, and if you do already, I hope you get to know me better. I hope, I hope…. I hope.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this record in any way. I have a song called “Tree of Life” that isn’t on this record, but that says “a longing fulfilled is a tree of life”. It is true. This is finally a longing of mine that is being fulfilled and I believe it will be a tree of life that will grow branches of other musical and creative opportunities. I am so thankful and blessed and happy and hopeful.

Bless you! xo