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what a weekend!

So my lovely music packed weekend started last thursday. I had a show booked to open for Chris Trapper at the Ironwood in Calgary. Luckily my day job is fairly flexible since I mostly only report to myself, so I took a half day off Thursday afternoon to drive down to Calgary, and a half day off Friday morning to drive back home.

Brent, my fantastically talented and supportive brother in law came to play with me so he did the same with his work. Thank heavens for that! Jered (husband) and Alissa (friend) also tagged along – I felt like I had a lovely little entourage! We got to Calgary around 3pm, Jered’s dad got us a free hotel room at a really nice place with points since he’s a fancy club member so we checked into the room and got changed, then went for a drink. Soon after we were on the road to the Ironwood, I never have a clue where I’m going in Calgary so I was happy to have the human map – Brent – AND the mapquest app to get us to the Ironwood safely and efficiently!

About an hour before the show we the got very sad news that poor Chris had flown through the night, had a million cancelled flights and upon finally arriving in Calgary his body just crashed & he was pretty sick. So the owner came over to let me know that Chris wasn’t coming. I was a wee bit devastated initially, but then we decided to roll with it and play a 90 minute set instead of our initially planned 30 minute set. I had a good crowd of friends and family from the Calgary area that haven’t ever really gotten to see me play live so that was a real treat. Thanks to everyone who came out I really felt the love!

The next day on our drive home I got an email from Chris apologizing for missing the show the night before and inviting me to sing with him at his Edmonton gig the following night. I over enthusiastically accepted, being the calm, cool & collected female I am (ha).

Friday afternoon we arrived back to work for the afternoon, and then headed to the Winspear Centre for Martin Sexton. That. Guy. Is. A. Freak. He is honestly an overflowing cauldron of genious musical talent. He puts on an amazing show, gets the crowd involved and so absolutely loves what he’s doing that you can’t help but have a big goofy grin on your face for the whole show. Chris came out and sang a song with Martin (Glorybound – killer!) so that was good to see him feeling better.

Saturday morning we had a 2 hour long rehearsal for our church cd release show next Saturday night. I am happy to say I wrote and sing a song on the C3Metro Come Alive EP that is available now on iTunes (search C3Metro). I had a baby shower that afternoon (ok, not so musical) and then that evening I took two girlfriends to the Northern Lights Folk Club for Chloe Albert & Chris Trapper.

What a night! Chloe was as lovely as ever (even though she admitted to being fairly sick – you’d never know) and Chris played two full sets. He invited me up in the second set to sing his most recent song “Into The Bright Lights” the title track of his most recent digital EP release ( My videographically talented girlfriend Alissa happily obliged me and filmed the following:

After the show, the girls & I went out to a seedy country bar and listened to yet even MORE live music and danced our hearts out. Sunday was church (more singing) and the superbowl (snore). I almost rounded the weekend out with a monday night songwriter’s circle, but after a work trip to Camrose that had me up at 5am I was DONE. I curled up on the couch with my dog, read, had a bubble bath & went to bed early. My heart is full today!