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woman of integrity

April 20, 2009
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*i recently wrote this song after being named the JACOB AMBASSADOR. i wanted to read their mission statement, and find out what being a part of this company meant. their company’s values are integrity, passion, authenticity, respect and team spirit. what a great thing to be a part of!

i’m just trying to make my way
through this crazy world we’re livin’ in
so i’m takin it day by day
and I live my life with a passion

there’s so many ways that i could go
i choose to take the highest road

because i am a woman of integrity
aware of my own beauty
living life as honestly as i know how and
i am a woman of humility
respect and authenticity
and i’m never backing down
because i am a woman of integrity
of integrity

always cautious with my words
because i know they can life somebody up
instead of inflicting hurt
i choose to shower my surroundings with love

with so many things that i could be
i work to bring out the best in me