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Words to Weigh

December 3, 2013

So remember that time I digitally released my new album “Tree of Life”? No? Well you’re in luck.. I’m going to give you a couple opportunities to remember over the next few weeks. (You’re welcome and gee aren’t I witty?)

A new and exciting element of this record was that I included some songs I cowrote with other artists about town! Cowriting has been a really challenging and wonderful process for me. It’s so interesting how everybody has their very own unique style of creating a song. I really didn’t explore cowriting too much until the last two years. The very first song on the album is a song I wrote with the very handsome and talented Rob Heath and Marty Pawlina.

Picture this, I’m five months pregnant arriving at Rob’s beautiful downtown apartment for my first cowrite with these two super songwriters. I’m a little nervous, so I brought along a list of song ideas that have been floating around in my head for a while now. After a few of Rob’s famous songwriter fuel snacks (gummy bears, almonds & dill pickle rice cakes) we sit down to brainstorm and get inspired. Rob & Marty decide we are going to write a song for my baby, and ask me “what is the ONE thing you want to say to your unborn child?” WHOA. That is a loaded question!

To make a long story short I had had my first ultrasound that day, and as I described to them what I was thinking and feeling during the ultrasound, we wrote “Words to Weigh”. This song is in the media player here on my beautiful new website – so please, feel free to take a listen and let me know what you think! It will definitely be a thrill one day to play the song for Asher and tell him the story of how the song came to be.

Oh – and if you like what you hear, feel free to head on over to iTunes and buy the record. <3


LNG xo